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#FM - Fabricmate Chisel Tip Markers $2.90
Fabric dye in a pen. Use these non toxic pens for coloring, dyeing, and decorating on all fabrics. Pigment fabric dye is permanent once it has dried, and is great for making fine or broad strokes.
Select Color/Pattern below
Available Color/Patterns:
FM01 Black
FM02 Red
FM03 Blue
FM04 Green
FM05 Brown
FM06 Orange
FM07 Lemon
FM08 Apple Green
FM09 Magenta
FM10 Grey
FM11 Peacock Blue
FM12 Purple
FM13 Alizarin Crimson
FM14 Cobalt Blue
FM15 Viridian
FM16 Yellow Ochre
FM17 Portrait Pink
FM18 Fluorescent Neon Orange
FM19 Fluorescent Yellow
FM20 Fluorescent Lime
FM21 Fluorescent Neon Pink
FM22 Fluorescent Sky Blue
FM23 Fluorescent Violet
FM24 Pastel Dusty Rose
FM25 Pastel Suede
FM26 Pastel Mist Grey
FM27 Pastel Strawberry
FM28 Pastel Aqua
FM29 Pastel Lavender