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#450 Pillow Case $10.99
Make a matching or complementary pilow case for your pants or shorts - or just make it for fun. This project can stand on its own as a simple, quick, sewing project or can be used as a filler for those students with extra class time on their hands. There is no pattern - just fabric, instructions and thread. The kit can be ordered in any of our fabrics for shorts. The completed project measures 20" x 28" with a 3" hem.
Select Color/Pattern below
Available Color/Patterns:
P09 Clouds Flannel
P10 Camouflage Flannel
P11 Llama Smiles
P12 Llama Party
P13 Forest Friends
P16 Frog on Lavender
P17 Fashion Pets on Blue
P18 Fashion Pets on Green
P22 Red and Green Plaid
P22A Royal and Red Plaid OUT TILL MAY
P22B Black Watch Plaid
P23 Muslin
P27 Pretty Girl
P28 Indigo Seersucker
P31 Pencils Please
P33 Letter Styles pink
P41 Flower Garden
P52 Wild Things
P53 Lavender Kaleidoscope
P54 Red Blooms
P56 Celery
P98- Tickets